Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Business Confidence Picks Up To 4-Year High

Economic Research
2 August 2017

Economic Update

MIER’s business conditions index (BCI) increased further by 1.4pts to 114.1 in 2Q17, its highest level in four years, from 112.7 in 1Q. Moving forward, we expect private investment to grow at a quicker pace of 7.7% YoY in 2017, from 4.3% last year, underpinned by ongoing construction of infrastructure projects and a pick-up in exports. In the same vein, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research’s (MIER) consumer sentiment index (CSI) rose by 4.1pts to 80.7 in 2Q17, after dropping 3.8pts to 76.6 in 1Q17, amid an improved outlook on financial and employment expectations.

Economist:  Vincent Loo Yeong Hong  | +603 9280 2172
Economist:  Aris Nazman Maslan  | +603 9280 2184

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